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7 Best Snorkel Fins in 2020

You don’t need a lot of equipment for a snorkeling trip, but some things are just part of it. A good snorkel and diving goggles (or a snorkel mask) are the basic requirements. For longer trips, wearing snorkel fins and a snorkel vest proves to be particularly practical.

Swimming is tiring in the long run even for the best swimmers. The vest provides extra buoyancy and the snorkel fins increase the swimming speed considerably. You can swim longer distances and your legs will not tire more slowly.

The choice of snorkel fins has become quite confusing. Beginners find it difficult to find their way in this jungle. For this reason we have compiled this list of best snorkel fins. The presented snorkel fins made it to the list because they have passed tests in snorkel fins and have been convincing in the eyes of the users.

The Best Snorkel Fins

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins Travel Size Short Adjustable for Snorkeling Diving Adult Men Women Kids Open Heel Swimming Flippers CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins
  • ATTENTION: WE ARE IN A PERIOD OF TRANSITION FROM DIVEITONE TO CAPAS. IF YOU BUY PRODUCTS FROM [CAPAS Flagship Retail Store] BUT RECEIVE THEM WITH LOGO DIVEITONE, PLEASE DON’T WORRY. WE OFFER THE SAME AFTER-SALE SERVICE. Adjustable Open Heel Design, Good for Sharing - The open-heel design means each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes, so family members or friends can share equipment more easily. The best parts is the filter pads inside the fins can keep fins in shape when store it.
  • Wears Comfortably, Support Various Way to Put On - Carefully select high quality material, soft foot pocket, flexible enough for barefoot, but can also be worn with fin socks or dive booties which help to protect a diver's feet from the cold, and blisters. (Reminder: Please purchase sizes up if wear with dive booties together)
  • Compact Size, Perfect for Travelling - CAPAS DiveitOne Series short fins is an excellent choice for avid travelers as the short blade is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for packing with ease. And it is a useful swimming aid either for pool or sea swim-lovers or snorkelers.
ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Adult Snorkeling Gear, Panoramic View Diving Mask, Trek Fin, Dry Top Snorkel +Travel Bags, Snorkel for Lap Swimming ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with
  • Full Mask Fin Snorkel Set: ZEEPORTE Long Snorkel Set with Adjustable Fins, Two Window Tempered Glass Lens Mask, Dry Top Silicone Snorkel, Travel Gear Bag, It's the ultimate travel companion and is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, body surfing, boogie boards and much more.
  • PANORAMIC VIEW SNORKEL DIVE MASK: Made of a four-window design for a panoramic view with tempered glass lens and hypoallergenic silicone skirt, ZEEPORTE snorkel mask can withstand underwater pressure while diving and snorkeling, ultimate comfort. The diving mask's skirt is designed with soft and flexible silicone and the food-grade silicone mouthpiece is safe creates a watertight seal with the any driver's face and attached to your mouth perfectly without any peculiar smell.
  • UNOBSTRUCTED BREATHING DRY TOP SNORKEL: A High-quality Snorkel with a Dry-top valve that seals the breathing tube when submerged. Dry top snorkel is designed to keep water from entering the breathing tube, ergonomic Silicone Mouthpiece is comfortable and durable. Lower purge valve allows water to be quickly expelled, so you can enjoy easy and unobstructed breathing while diving underwater.
Greatever Snorkel Fins Adjustable Buckles Open Heel Swim Flippers Travel Size Short Swim Fins for Snorkeling Diving Swimming Adult Men Womens Greatever Snorkel Fins Adjustable
  • 【ADJUSTABLE STRAPS AND BUCKLES】Open heel design and adjustable straps make the swim fins suitable for different foot types and sizes, perfect to share with your friends and family, in addition it will let small pebbles and debris fall. The important part is the quick release buckle that keeps strap's length of the you have set, so you don't need to adjust the straps for every use, easy donning and doffing.
  • 【PERFECT SWIM PARTNER】GREATEVER Snorkel Fins with scientific design, minimize fatigue and prevent cramps, it uses the unique open toe and cool flame shaped mesh instep design, it will help to reduce resistance and you will feel more comfortable and breathable. It's can be used with water shoes and water socks (Reminder: Please purchase sizes up if wear with dive booties together).
  • 【RELIABLE MATERIAL】The foot pocket with TPR material+Buckle with PC+ blade with PP. That's anti-deformation, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durability. Sturdy and maintains flexibility. So it can fully achieve the comfort level of barefoot wear and don't worry about rubbing feet. Non-slip shadow design on the bottom, safe to use.
Diveitone Snorkel Fins, Short Swim Fins Swimming Flippers with Adjustable Strap for Women Men Swimming Diving and Snorkeling, Pefect for Travel (Black, L/XL) Diveitone Snorkel Fins, Short Swim
  • S/M is for US 4.5 to 8.5, L/XL is for US 9 to 13
  • Short fins measure 16" long and are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. DRAIN HOLES :special drain holes design Rapid drainage to reduce resistance Effectively and improve diver’s diving speed during diving in deep-sea.
  • Full foot pocket: Open-heel snorkel trek fins , short fins , able to be put on quickly and easily. swim fins with soft foot pocket enable the users wear comfortable when swimming in pool during their vacation and other exercise time.
U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Mask/Seabreeze II Snorkel/Proflex Fins/Gearbag, Medium-Large, Yellow U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel
  • 2-window mask
  • Mask has 3 way Adjustable buckle for comfort
  • Splash top with Hydro-Adhesion technology
BPS Short Adjustable Swim Fins - Open-Toe and Open-Heel Design - for Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving - Swimming Flippers for Kids and Adults - for Men and Women - Comes with Bag (Orange - S/M) BPS Short Adjustable Swim Fins -
  • BPS SWIM FINS / FLIPPERS are made of high-quality Polypropylene (PP), and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR); which will serve as a natural extension of your feet while swimming in a pool or diving/snorkeling in the open water. It offers the perfect amount of flexibility and anti-slip sole to help prevent cramps and minimize fatigue – so you get to focus on kicking. The longest side of the blade measures around 6” to 7.5” which is very responsive at a minimal effort.
  • EASY TO ADJUST – Open-heel design w/ click-and-pull adjusting system, so you’ll have more freedom in changing the fit (should you decide to wear with/without socks/booties) and easier for you to put them on & take off quickly. The open-toe design is to prevent chaffing and to allow a snug fit. Each fin size can accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes making it perfect for sharing - please check the size chart. Inside each fin is extra padding to help them stay in shape when not being used.
  • BUNDLE OPTIONS – You get to choose if you want your swim fins with mesh bag OR complete your gear by choosing the swim fins with a dive mask and snorkeling tube and still have the mesh bag to make carrying a breeze. The dive mask's silicone skirt and adjustable straps are very comfortable and offer a great snug fit for a wide range of faces. You will also enjoy your snorkeling more with its crystal-clear wide view lens that is CE tempered glass guaranteeing durability.
Cressi Agua Short, blue, EU 45/46
  • The Agua Short is the shorter version of the Agua long blade fin designed for snorkeler travelers, swimming and for training.
  • Made using very lightweight material but at the same time ensures good reactivity. A truly light fin that s an excellent performance without tiring your feet.
  • The foot pocket is made using the last technology, called Self Adjusting Foot Pocket System, which ensure a perfect fit to different shapes of foot.

Guide: Choose the right pair of snorkel fins

When choosing the fins for snorkeling that are just right for you, you must pay attention to these aspects.

type of fins

Snorkel fins can be divided into different species. Choosing the right type is a matter of personal preference and the area of use.

  • These types of flippers are shaped like a shoe and are worn barefoot or with neoprene shoes and are therefore used in warm water. The fin blade is usually quite short, light and made of plastic. Closed fins are therefore easy to transport.
  • Split Fins: Split Fins are split lengthwise in the middle. The novel design promises less effort. With split fins, faster progress is possible by increasing the cadence, whereas with normal fins this is achieved by a wider foot strike. Snorkelers often describe that Split Fins fatigue less quickly than models with a normal fin blade.

short vs. long fins

Long snorkel fins make it easier to move around in the water. With few movements more distance can be done well. For norkeling beginners the long fins are therefore more suitable. For short fins, higher speed is achieved by increasing the cadence and the shorter snorkel fins are easier to transport. In contrast to longer models, they fit in every case.

Personal preferences

Snorkel fins are available in a variety of designs. Many manufacturers offer their products in different colour variations. Another personal choice is between short and long fins. There are arguments in favour of both variants and yet others speak against them.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about snorkel fins answered

The fins are a kind of extension of your body. Alone with your legs you can only push yourself forward with great effort.  The snorkel fins make it easier for divers and snorkelers to move around in the water. With the fins on, a few large movements are enough to move forward a long way.

How big must the fins be?

Snorkel fins need to be adjusted to the feet just like normal shoes to fit safely and comfortably. Keep in mind that they are usually device fins that are suitable for different shoe sizes.

However, if you prefer closed fins, you have to pay more attention to the size. If you plan to go snorkelling in cold water, you will probably wear neoprene shoes.

When choosing a pair of fins, you must take into account the extra thickness of the neoprene shoes. It is therefore best to take a thick pair of socks with you if you try the fins on before you buy them.
As with the rest of the snorkel ashore equipment, thorough care of the fins is essential for a long life. After each use in salt or fresh water they should be rinsed inside and outside. Use clean tap water for this purpose and then let them dry in the air or in the sun. For storage, however, a place without direct sunshine should be chosen. The fins must not be stored standing on their tips for a long time. Instead, place them flat on the ground.

What is the difference between snorkel fins and dive fins?

In everyday use the two words are often mixed up, but in fact there are differences between diving fins and snorkeling fins. So make sure you choose the right type of fins.

The fins are designed for different depths of water. This affects the design. Fins for snorkeling are much shorter and therefore designed for shallow water. Typically, snorkel fins are closed fins.

Divers, on the other hand, also explore deeper waters and have to cover more distance. Longer fins help them to cover more distance. With just a few movements, more speed can be built up than with snorkel fins. An open design (device fins) is typical for diving fins.


If you have been snorkeling with fins once, you will not want to miss them anymore. Thanks to the snorkeling fins, you will go faster in the water and the next day’s sore muscles will stay away. Especially the best models, which have already passed a snorkel fin test, are a real relief on long snorkeling trips.

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