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7 Best Kayak Drysuits in 2020

Mann im Wildwasser bei Kajak Trockenanzug Test.

Kayaking is not a pure summer sport. Even in colder temperatures kayakers do not have to stay at home. Equipped with the right equipment that keeps you warm and dry, you can kayak all year round. A good dry suit is the most important thing.

Dry suits, also known as drysuits, are different from normal clothing. Full body suits are completely waterproof and keep the water out. A number of different plastics are used for this purpose and the suits are sealed completely waterproof by a zipper. So kayak dry suit keeps you dry but not really warm. Under the suit you have to wear additional layers of clothing. The number of layers depends on the outside temperature.

Choosing a dry suit for kayakers is not always easy. The choice is wide and the differences often lie in the details. On the one hand our buying guide offers help. And on the other hand our best list is a very good starting point for people who want to buy a kayak dry suit.

The selection of available dry suits is quite large. The variety of models makes it difficult especially for beginners to find a suitable kayak dry suit. Therefore, we have done a lot of research to find the best dry suits on the market.

The Best kayak Dry Suits

Stohlquist EZ Drysuit-Mango-L
  • Waterproof/breathable 4-Layer Twin Sensor, Relaxed fit
  • Neoprene neck gasket, MasterSeal waterproof cross-chest entry and relief zippers
  • Neoprene coated Duraseal latex wrist gaskets with adjustable neoprene wrist over-cuffs
Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit (Fireball Red/Black, Medium) Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel
  • Waterproof/breathable 4-Layer Twin Sensor, Relaxed fit
  • MasterSeal waterproof cross-chest entry and relief zippers
  • Neoprene coated Duraseal latex neck and wrist gaskets with adjustable neoprene wrist over-cuffs
2018 Crewsaver Atacama Sport Drysuit Front Zip RED /, Black, Red, Size Large 2018 Crewsaver Atacama Sport
  • Includes an elasticated waist, adjustable internal braces and articulated arms and legs to create a custom-fit providing the ultimate in freedom of movement and lightweight breathability.
  • Crewsaver is recognised as a world leading designer and manufacturer of lifejackets and sailing equipment. As a respected authority on personal marine safety and with a history dating back more than 50 years
  • 3 layer fully breathable fabric all over and Glideskin neoprene wrist and neck seals.
SEAC Unifleece Insulating Undergarment Dry Suit, Black, Large SEAC Unifleece Insulating
  • Lightweight, breathable, 2-layer undergarment keeps you warm while diving in cold environments
  • Outer layer repels water to help keep you dry
  • Double-ended front zipper gets you in and out quickly
Typhoon Multisport 5 Rapid Drysuit Dry Suit with Convenience Zip & Free Underfleece - Teal Orange - Comfortable Internal Typhoon Multisport 5 Rapid Drysuit
  • Typhoon's newest drysuit offering builds on the success and reputation of the Multisport series with a focus on whitewater performance.
  • Constructed from industry-leading 4 layer fabric throughout and using the best YKK Aquaseal Zips, the MS Rapid will keep you dry and comfortable - backed up by Typhoon's unrivalled 3 year watertight guarantee.
  • Waterproof and breathable
KING-Q PROOF Mens Kayak Surf Drysuit Comfort Canoe Durability Waterproof SuitProtects Against Ingress of Water Mud Perfect Dry Suit for Fit ATV & UTV Riders (Red, XXL) KING-Q PROOF Mens Kayak Surf
  • 3-layer fabric with full taped seams technology,breathable,waterproof and durable.
  • Latex gasket neck seal and wrist seal prevent water from getting in through the neck and gasket.
  • King-Q PROOF dry suit features are latex neck and wrist seal,waterproof zip,a large waterproof chest pocket,neoprene waistbrand,a pee zip,two mesh thigh pockets and neoprene socks.
Stohlquist Treads Paddling Pant, Black, Large Stohlquist Treads Paddling Pant,
  • Twin Sensor 4-Layer Waterproof/Breathable
  • High waist tunnel that integrates with dyrtops and helps to keep water out.
  • Adjustable velcro neoprene ankle gasket

Guide: Choose a kayak dry suit

A good drysuit is very important for tours in cold water. But the best dry suits don’t have to cost a fortune. In terms of material, zipper, design and other features, however, there are differences between the suits, which affect the overall price.


Completely waterproof material is used for dry suits. The most commonly used materials are polyester, nylon or even Gore-Tex based. Gore-Tex costs more money, but also has good breathability. Sweat cannot therefore accumulate on the body, which is particularly practical for longer trips.

Nylon costs considerably less in comparison, but is also less breathable. However, most manufacturers reinforce their nylon dry suits with extra layers to increase the life of the suit.

Fit accuracy

A dry suit should be comfortable to wear. It should not be too tight, because a dry suit only keeps moisture away. However, the suits cannot warm up. Under the dry suit there must therefore be enough room for a dry suit underneath.

Dry suits are therefore available in different sizes and as versions for women and men. Many manufacturers offer size tables which can be used for orientation. Otherwise simply choose the size that corresponds to your normal clothing size.

put on and take off

It is not difficult to put on a dry suit. Either on the front or the back of the suit there is a large zipper. Over this the suit can be put on easily. Most dry suits you can put on by yourself. Only a few models require a second person to put on the suit.


Such a suit must be absolutely tight at the legs, wrists and neck so that no water can penetrate. The seals are often made of neoprene, which is particularly tight and comfortable.

The suit is only waterproof if the zippers are intact. It is therefore important to ensure that high-quality zippers are used. Most commonly used are metal or hard plastic zippers, which rarely get stuck and have a long service life.

Colour and design

Most dry suits consist of one piece. Practice has shown that the one-piece suits are most likely to be waterproof.

A practical thing are socks that are directly integrated into the drysuit. The socks also keep your feet dry, but sometimes they are not easy to put on at all. However, the same effect can be achieved with water sports socks.

The integrated socks, on the other hand, also have a decisive disadvantage. If these are damaged, the whole suit is no longer waterproof. The best way to protect the socks is to wear general sports shoes or kayak shoes.

Dry suits are available in different colours. However, most models are single-coloured. Good visibility is another thing to consider when choosing a suit. Reflectors or bright colors are easily recognized from a distance. This way other water sportsmen and boats are more likely to notice you.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about kayak drysuits answered

What do you wear under a dry suit?

Dry suits are supposed to keep the water out, but they do not warm it. In bad weather and low temperatures kayakers must therefore wear additional clothing under the dry suit. The best choice are special dry suit underwear, which are mostly made of cotton, are very comfortable and keep you warm extremely well. The number and thickness of other layers of clothing depends on the outside temperatures.

What is the difference between a wetsuit and a dry suit?

The difference between neoprene suits and dry suits is best understood in the English translation. Wetsuits are called wetsuits in English, while dry suits are called drysuits.

So with a wetsuit you get wet. This is because these suits are not waterproof. Special fabrics let a certain amount of water into the suit and keep it inside. The body heat warms up the thin layer of water within a very short time and from then on it forms a good insulation against the outside world.

In contrast, a dry suit does not heat, but only keeps the water out. With a dry suit, the onion principle must be applied accordingly. Several layers on top of each other keep you warm because the trapped air warms up and in this way shields the body from the outside temperature. The number and thickness should be adjusted to the outside temperatures.

How to clean a dry suit?

The right care is important for a long life of the dry suit. It is best to rinse the suit with tap water after each use. From time to time you can also clean it in the washing machine.

Please follow the washing instructions on the suit. Drysuits should not be packed in the dryer, however. You should also be careful with the zippers. These are known weak points that could leak if not handled properly.


A kayak dry suit significantly expands your possibilities. Instead of having to rely on good weather, you can dive all year round with the right drysuit. The suits presented here are all very suitable.

No matter which kayak dry suit you decide on – we wish you lots of fun on your next trip in the cool water!

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