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7 Best Dry Snorkels in 2020

Snorkeling is a great way to explore coral reefs at fantastic holiday resorts – but if necessary, the local quarry pond can also be used. Equipped with snorkel mask, snorkel and fins the fantastic underwater worlds can be discovered best.

All those who are tempted to dive down a few metres to see the animals or the unique landscapes from close up are well advised to use dry snorkelling.

At the upper end of a dry snorkel there is in fact a one-sided valve which prevents water from entering. If you dive with the dry snorkel, the so-called float valve simply closes the inlet to the snorkel. In addition, a splash guard prevents splash water from entering the snorkel.

With the best models, which also convinced in a dry snorkel test, you can combine a snorkeling trip with a diving excursion.

Dry snorkels are a new development and yet the choice on the market is already quite big. Especially beginners often don’t know what to look out for in dry snorkels and quickly lose track of what to look out for due to the large number of models available.

If you are new to snorkeling or simply looking for a dry snorkel, you can use our list of best snorkels as a guide. The list is the result of extensive research in which we have compared countless products, watched YouTube videos, read forum and blog posts. The snorkels on the list are all good products, but we could also identify some advantages and disadvantages of each model.

The Best Dry Snorkels

Cressi Supernova Dry, Black/Silver
  • This snorkel is the best choice if you want a quality, well designed product that has all the features that make you happy. Don't worry about the entry of water: choose an easy-to-use dry snorkel and enjoy your diving.
  • It features a float mechanism that closes instantly to prevent water from entering the snorkel whether accidentally or purposely submerged.
  • At the end of the tube, there is a small reservoir that collects water, which is very easy to expel thanks to the purge valve, simply by blowing without effort.
Aegend Dry Snorkel, Easy-Breath Free Diving Snorkel for Snorkeling Scuba Diving Freediving Swimming, with Top Dry Valve and Food-Grade Silicone Mouthpiece for Adult Youth,Black Aegend Dry Snorkel, Easy-Breath
  • EASILY ATTACH TO ANY REGULAR SNORKEL/DIVE MASK: The keeper could easily attach to Cressi/Speedo/ US/Phantom and other brands standard dive snorkels/masks/goggles. Quick release adjustable clip easy to clip it on/off a diving mask, allowing movement up and down the snorkel tube, for a comfortable position. Your hair doesn't get tangled as much in this type of attachment between the mask and snorkel.
  • FOOD-GRADE LIQUID SILICONE MOUTHPIECE: Super soft and safe material for the mouthpiece, very comfortable in your mouth and provides a good seal. form-fitting with angled and corrugated mouthpiece design, allowing for prolonged use. It’s a removable and replaceable silicone mouthpiece if necessary.
  • LONGER OVAL UPPER TUBE PROVIDES MORE AIR, AND BREATH EFFORTLESSLY: A large diameter tube will give you full breaths without making you struggle to catch your breath. The upper tube is curved and comes close to your head, which will prevent drag your mouth. It’s a perfect snorkel for snorkeling, skin diving, scuba diving, swimming etc.
Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel with Splash Guard and Top Valve | Supernova Dry Snorkel (Clear Black) Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel
  • Features a float mechanism which close instantly to prevent water from entering the snorkel whether accidentally or purposely submerged
  • The snorkel has a highly flexible tube that reduces jaw fatigue and folds compactly for storing in a BC pocket or travel pack
  • A wider elliptical bore shape increases air flow capacity for more comfortable breathing and a purge valve enables instant clearing when needed
Dry Snorkel Mask Set Snorkeling Gear – Foldable Dry Snorkel Set with Dry-wet Switchable Float Valve, Purge Valve Tube, Anti Fog 180 Panoramic Silicone No Leak Seal Mask for Adults and Youth Dry Snorkel Mask Set Snorkeling
  • Dry-wet Switchable top Float Valve– The top float valve can be removed and become a wet snorkel for dry snorkel. You can take off the float valve for faster and deeper diving if you are a professional diver. It also can take on and prevent water from entering when submerged. This snorkel set is perfect for both professional and beginner
  • Foldable and Compact for Traveling – The snorkel tube can be foldable in hands, super compact for carry. Also come with a portable shoulder bag with drawstring, you can take it on shoulder or just hold on hands
  • Purge Valve System - A one-way opening purge valve allows you to easily clear water from your snorkel for energy conservation and better breath control
Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel (Clear/Yellow) Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel
  • The Alpha Ultra Dry makes any snorkeling activity easy thanks to the different features that help prevent water from entering the tube.
  • It features a float mechanism which closes instantly to prevent water from entering the snorkel whether accidentally or purposely submerged.
  • The snorkel has a highly flexible tube that reduces jaw fatigue and folds compactly for storing in a BC pocket or travel pack.
Cressi Italian Boutique Collection - Tempered Glass Lens Frameless Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask - Splash Guard Dry Snorkel Set, All Black (PAQFMSC-ABK-PP_VE) Cressi Italian Boutique Collection
  • Frameless mask with single lens design, tempered glass lens for extra durability
  • Ultra clear lens for vivid colors, soft and comfortable mask skirt, low volume design
  • Push button buckle for easy strap adjustments, wide field of vision
Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel with Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving | Black Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel with
  • Keep salt water out of your mouth while snorkeling: Our dry snorkel uses a floating ball system at the opening of the dry snorkel to keep water out. This system closes the opening at the top of the snorkel while submerged under the water and reopens when the snorkel reaches the surface.
  • Comfortable to use silicone mouthpiece: Enjoy a dry snorkel that has a comfortable, soft and form fitting silicone mouthpiece allowing for prolonged use without any discomfort while snorkeling, scuba diving or spearfishing. Forget about those cheap mouthpieces that leave your mouth hurting.
  • Corrugated silicone hose for easy flexibility: The corrugated silicone hose allows the dry snorkel to have more of a natural curve around the face which helps make it easier to keep in your mouth. Also helps the mouthpiece to fall out of the way when the mouthpiece is not being used.

Guide: Choosing the right dry snorkel

Dry snorkels are available in different shapes and designs. And the type of mouthpiece and the type of blow-off valve are also important subtleties to consider when choosing a dry snorkel.


The diameter of the tube varies from model to model. The typical dry snorkel measures two centimeters in diameter. Newer snorkels are usually slightly wider. With these wider tubes breathing is more strenuous, but more air is inhaled with each breath. Overall, breathing is a little easier with these models.

Fixed vs. flexible dry snorkel

An important distinction is that between fixed and flexible snorkel tubes. The difference is already apparent from the name. While flexible snorkels are to a certain extent free to bend, the fixed models have a rigid tube.

Wearing a fixed snorkel can be uncomfortable if you cannot find a position that suits you, such as attaching the snorkel to the diving goggles. However, the advantage is that fixed tubes always stay in one position, while flexible snorkels can twist or bend.


The mouthpiece is very important for snorkelers. Through this piece you are supplied with fresh air. It is therefore important that the mouthpiece is comfortable to wear. In any case, try the mouthpiece first before you use it in the open sea.

If your teeth collide while wearing the mouthpiece, the snorkeling trip will hardly be fun. Instead of focusing on the great underwater worlds, you will have to think about the mouthpiece and your teeth the whole time.

A good dry snorkel also offers the option to change the mouthpiece only. The mouthpiece will wear out over time. If you can change it separately, you can save yourself the expense of buying a whole new snorkel.

blow-off valve

Water penetrating into the water is one of the most annoying experiences one makes as a snorkeler. Especially during excursions in salt water it is important to get the water out of your mask again. This is best done quickly and easily.

The key word you should look for in the product descriptions is “blow out valve”. Such a valve allows you to blow the water out of the snorkel by exhaling. It is important to make sure that the blow out valve can be easily inflated so that the water that has entered the snorkel can be easily removed.


When choosing a dry snorkel, there is also a decision to be made regarding the type. You have to choose between semi-dry snorkels, dry snorkels and snorkel masks. All three types of dry snorkelling have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice ultimately depends on you.

Dry snorkels are equipped with a float valve, a splash guard and usually a blow-out valve. With a dry snorkel you can dive without water entering the snorkel. Semi-dry snorkels, on the other hand, lack the float valve, which means that underwater water can very well flow into the snorkel and therefore directly into the mouth. A semi-dry snorkel cannot be dived for this reason.

A new alternative are snorkel full masks. The modern masks cover the whole face. The special feature of the snorkel masks is that they combine snorkel and mask into one. Usually snorkel masks are equipped with a dry snorkel.

However, snorkel masks are still not suitable for diving. Already from a low water depth the mask presses quite strongly against the face, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about dry snorkeling

How do dry snorkels work?

The special feature of dry snorkels is that a float valve is mounted on the top of the snorkel. If the tip is underwater, the valve closes the access to the snorkel.

The sea water cannot penetrate. Underwater, however, you cannot breathe either. When you surface, the valve opens again so that you can breathe in and out normally. A splash guard also prevents splash water from entering the snorkel.

When diving in or when a wave rolls in, water can get into the snorkel tube despite the float valve and splash guard. However, this is not a problem. By means of the blow-off valve the water is removed in no time at all. The snorkeler only has to exhale strongly. The water is then pressed out through the open blow-out valve.


Equipped with a dry snorkel you are well prepared for upcoming snorkeling adventures. Instead of only marveling at the underwater world and the unique landscapes from the surface, dry snorkelers can see it all up close.

Due to technical devices the snorkels prevent the intrusion of water – and this even works underwater. A dry snorkel is therefore an enormous enhancement compared to a classic snorkel which does not have these devices.

If you wear a dry snorkel, you are right in the middle of the action and not just with it. With such a snorkel you can go underwater without your mouth filling up with seawater. This way you can observe the fish from close up, see coral reefs in detail or take breathtaking pictures with a good underwater camera.

If you are convinced, you should try it yourself with one of the models from our list of best. Experience has shown that these dry snorkelling and diving are the best, but feel free to take a look for yourself.

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