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Best SUP Bike Trailers (to effortlessly tow your Paddle Board)

sup bike trailer with many sup boards

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Stand Up Paddling has risen from a niche existence to one of the most popular water sports within just a few years. Many lakes, canals and rivers are now frequented by paddlers. The young water sport has received an especially big boost with the advent of really good inflatable SUP boards.

In the beginning, paddling was mainly on fixed SUP boards, which are essentially longer and wider surfboards. Nowadays, however, inflatable SUP boards, also known as inflatables, make up the majority of the boards. According to different statistics and estimates 95 to 98% of all SUP inflatable boards are sold.

Transport inflatable SUP boards with a SUP bycicle trailer

Transporting a surfboard is not easy – and of course it is harder to transport a fixed SUP board. Without a small bus or a big car with roof rack you won’t get far. The high weight also makes the transport from the parking lot to the water quite difficult. SUP trolleys or small kayak cars can help, but overall it is very difficult to transport a fixed SUP Board.

Inflatable SUP boards, on the other hand, are much easier to transport. After a SUP trip, an Inflatable just has to deflate the air, roll up the cover (or fold it) and stow it in the backpack. Often the accessories (such as the paddle or the air pump) can also be dismantled into individual parts to accommodate them in the backpack.

Before the next tour with the inflatable SUP Board, the board and accessories are prepared accordingly. The first step is to inflate the SUP Board, which usually takes seven to ten minutes with a high-quality air pump, depending on the volume of the board and your fitness level.

In most cases the supplied paddle has to be assembled afterwards. With many models this can be done very quickly, but especially with cheap SUP boards it is often difficult to put the paddle together, so it is much more comfortable to leave the paddle in one piece.

After some time or at regular times, however, many paddlers find it quite time-consuming to inflate the board again and again and to remove it again after a tour. Especially with high quality SUP boards like the Bluefin Cruise or the Thurso Surf Waterwalker, which convince by a robust outer shell and a lot of stiffness, the rolling up of the shell is a little bit heavier and requires a lot of effort.

For this reason many paddlers leave the board inflated, but if you don’t have the possibility to store the board close to the water, you have to resort to other means of transport.

One option is to transport the board in a minibus or on the roof rack of a car. The way from the parking lot to the water can then be made easier with a kayak car or a SUP Board carrying strap. However, this is not ideal. We like the transport by SUP bicycle trailer much better.

The modern bicycle trailers for SUP boards offer enough space even for 14 foot long Race SUP boards, can be flexibly adjusted in width and the boards can be fixed firmly to the trailer with attached straps. In addition, the SUP bicycle trailers are exactly tailored to the needs of water sports enthusiasts and have wide castors so that they have good traction even on soft ground and sand.

One of the pioneers when it comes to SUP bicycle trailers is good goods tegernsee from Bavaria. The German company produces the reacha SUP bicycle trailer, which is best suited for stand up paddlers. The trailer has a stable aluminium frame and wide wheels, can carry a load of up to 35 kilograms and even offers space for several 14 feet race boards.

The best SUP bike trailers

(When shopping at you can save 10% with the voucher code WLWS10.)

At there are currently four models of the bicycle trailer available with the names reacha compact 20, reacha beach 24, reacha street 26 and reacha pro. The individual bicycle trailers are suitable for different applications.

The reacha pro is the best choice to transport as many SUP boards at once. The largest version of reacha is therefore particularly suitable for hotels with their own water sports equipment, surf schools or water sports centres.

The SUP bicycle trailer reacha street 26 is the next smaller version and is the best version for city dwellers. The large bikes are especially convincing on flat roads. The reacha street 26 is also suitable for rides at higher speeds.

With the Fatbike tyres, however, reacha beach 24 is suitable for rides over sand or other soft surfaces. The wide tyres give good traction on all types of ground.

For everyday use, the reacha compact 20 should be chosen. The manufacturer’s smallest model offers a good mix of city bike trailers and is also designed for touring on uneven surfaces.

However, all reacha trailers should be noted that the basic equipment is simple cars that have to be towed by hand. A bike connector must therefore also be ordered to connect the hand trolley to the seat post of the bicycle.

I particularly like the fact that reacha SUP bicycle trailers are manufactured in Bavaria. Florian, CEO of reacha, says:

“Because we attach great importance to sustainability in both our private and professional environments, we wanted to produce regionally; without long transport distances and free of questionable production conditions. The heart of reacha is the frame that is produced in Rosenheim. After all, the project is also about engineering, so we are well positioned in Bavaria.” (Source: [German])

Production in Germany, however, also has its price. The reacha bicycle trailers are not cheap. Florian says about this topic:

“reacha is unique with its modular system and, above all, its fast assembly and disassembly. reacha can be dismantled without tools in less than three minutes. It fits into the boot and is ready for any holiday. In addition, the reacha is adjustable in width and length, so that the loading area can be adapted for all adventures. We value the highest quality materials, so reacha is not just your trailer for a summer, it’s a promise of longevity.” (Source: [German])

Cheap SUP Bicycle Trailers

At the moment reacha also offers a cheap SUP bicycle trailer. This light version is a kit you can build yourself. Only the frame is included in the reacha DIY kit.

Together with two old bicycle tyres the frame becomes a full reacha handcart. In addition, only the bike connector has to be attached and the bike trailer is ready for use.

For hobby craftsmen this economical variant is an interesting choice. The transport bag, which is available with the other reacha models, can also be made to measure with a pattern on the website.


Stand Up paddlers and other water sports enthusiasts who don’t always want to rely on the car have a great alternative with reacha’s SUP bicycle trailers. One of the biggest advantages is that with such a trailer inflatable SUP boards don’t have to be packed up after every tour and reassembled before every new trip.

The recha bicycle trailers convince in practice with a plug-in system with aluminium tubes, so that a reacha can be reduced or enlarged as required and can also be dismantled in the shortest possible time. The lightweight trailer can also be easily transported due to its small packing size.

The trailer is particularly exciting for owners of large Touring or Race SUP boards, hotels, water sports centres, rental stations, surf schools or anyone else who regularly has to transport their water sports equipment.

The reacha SUP bicycle trailers are not cheap, but the good quality, the versatility and the German workmanship have their price. With our exclusive voucher code WLWS10 you can save 10% on shopping at!

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