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WOWSEA AN16 Review

A good complete set does not always have to cost much. That could be the motto of the WOWSEA AN16. The versatile board convinces with an extensive scope of delivery, a very good workmanship and above all with a very good price-performance ratio.

The set of the Shanghai manufacturer WOWSEA is very cheap considering the good quality of the board and the accessories. The complete set is especially exciting for beginners in Stand Up Paddling, because the WOWSEA AN16 comes with the complete basic equipment for Stand Up Paddling.

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Furthermore the board offers a lot of tilting stability, which makes learning SUP with this board very easy. We had the chance to try the WOWSEA AN16. And in this WOWSEA AN16 test we want to share our experiences and test results.

About the board

The WOWSEA AN16 is a 305 cm long, 81 cm wide and about 15 cm thick Allround SUP Board. The all-rounders are all-rounders that are well suited for various applications. SUPs such as the WOWSEA AN16 are best used for cruising lakes, canals, rivers with slow flow rates and waters with small waves.

The board is quite wide and also quite thick, which provides a lot of buoyancy. The manufacturer states that the AN16 can carry a load of up to 140 kilograms. In our opinion, however, the SUP should only be used by paddlers weighing up to 100 kilograms. The board is best suited for people with a body weight of less than 80 kilograms.

If you are heavier and want to ride with a child or two adults, it is better to use a larger SUP. This should be at least 320 to 330 cm long. This larger Allround SUP Board can accommodate more air, which provides more buoyancy and a higher payload.

Processing and quality

Qualitatively the board makes a good impression. We didn’t notice any glue residues, unclean edges or other flaws on the board. The WOWSEA AN16 looks very robust and the seams are neatly glued.

The WOWSEA AN16 is a double-layer board. The Dropstitch process was used in the production, in which two PVC layers were joined together. The production process and also the thick construction make the board quite stiff. The stiffness of the SUP can also be felt on the water.

Another sign of quality is that the Chinese manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the AN16.

Driving characteristics

The 305 cm long WOWSEA AN16 is a board, which convinces above all by tilting stability. The blue SUP lies very safely in the water, from which especially beginners profit. On the WOWSEA SUP even beginners find it easy to keep their balance.

The board tip of the WOWSEA AN16 is very round, which also provides a lot of stability. Compared to other SUP boards like the Bluefin Cruise or the Decathlon SUP Board Itiwit 10′ the AN16 is much more round.

For beginners this is very practical, because the round nose provides more tilt stability. For longer tours the round nose is not optimal, because it has a higher water resistance than the one of pointed boards.

The WOWSEA AN16 also has a lightweight Noserocker. The bending of the board tip ensures that the board does not dive into every small wave, but glides better over the water.

And also the three fins give the board more stability. The AN16 has two permanently mounted side fins and a large detachable dolphin fin. The AN16 features a plug-in fin system, with which the main fin can be attached to the board in a few simple steps.

In addition, the WOWSEA AN16 is equipped with further extras, which also make a good qualitative impression. The SUP has a luggage net in the front area which can be used to transport a small Drybags or a water bottle.

The AN16 is also equipped with a large EVA cover pad. The non-slip coating offers good grip even in wet conditions and ensures a secure footing. The board weighs only 7 kilograms and is carried by the neoprene handle in the middle of the board.


The WOWSEA AN16 comes with all the basic equipment you need for stand up paddling. For the first trips you only need the air pump, the leash, the paddle and the carrying backpack.

For longer tours a SUP Drybag can also be useful, as provisions, change of clothes or other equipment can be transported.

The aluminium paddle included in the scope of delivery is well processed. The SUP paddle, which weighs around 1.05 kilograms, can be dismantled into two parts for transport. It takes less than 30 seconds to disassemble and assemble.

The length of the paddle can also be adjusted from 175 cm to 215 cm without steps. The paddle is therefore suitable for people up to 1.95 m tall. On our paddle only the lock between handle and shaft looks as if it will fail after two or three seasons.

The included double stroke pump is also a solid model. With the air pump it is very easy to switch from single stroke mode to double stroke mode. Simply close the air intake.

We had inflated the WOWSEA AN16 with this air pump to an air pressure of 15 PSI in about eight minutes. The best way to inflate is to first inflate the SUP to about 7 PSI in double stroke mode and then switch to single stroke mode.

The SUP backpack is very spacious and offers enough space for all your equipment. With the padded shoulder straps it makes a good impression and is completely sufficient for transport and storage of the SUP.

A leash is also included. The holding line is a so-called coiled leash, which only expands to its full length when falling into the water. This is practical because it prevents the leash from sticking to rocks or underwater plants.


The WOWSEA AN16 is a very good complete set, which doesn’t cost much and makes a good impression. With the wide, thick and robust construction as well as the three fins the AN16 is very safe in the water. This is especially practical for beginners.

With a length of 305 cm the SUP is quite short and accordingly the board doesn’t offer much lift. The board from WOWSEA is best suited for beginners with a weight of up to 80 kilograms and can be used by paddlers with a maximum body weight of 100 kilograms.

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The workmanship of the AN16 makes a very good impression and also the one-year warranty speaks for the board. In addition, the lightweight construction makes transport considerably easier.

The construction of the board makes it a good choice for beginners. For longer tours or experienced paddlers the WOWSEA AN16 is not the right choice. A sporty Touring SUP Board would then probably be better suited.

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