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Snorkel Mask vs Goggles and Snorkel: What is better?

schnorchelmaske vs schnorchel und taucherbrille

From veteran snorkelers who have been around for a long time, to those who are just learning to snorkel, the modern looking snorkel full masks are sure to have caught the eye of many. Even beginners have not missed these masks in their search for the perfect snorkeling equipment. This is due to the enormous popularity of snorkel masks.

The full face masks stand out from traditional snorkeling equipment at first sight. They combine snorkel and diving goggles in one and also come with a very “spacy” design, but what are the exact differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And what better snorkel mask or diving goggles and snorkel?

This article is aimed at beginners and advanced divers. We also don’t assume any knowledge about the snorkeling equipment, instead we go step by step through the individual characteristics of the two types of snorkel masks and compare them.

In our experience, veterans of many years have a hard time with new equipment. Of course you shouldn’t run after every trend and not every invention has to be tried out. A certain openness for new equipment should however be given. This is especially true if this can fundamentally change snorkelling.

Without talking about it, we get straight into it.


A full face mask is not only different from traditional masks and diving goggles because of its appearance. At first glance, full face masks look like an astronaut’s helmet, but in fact the biggest difference is breathing. In contrast to a classic snorkel mask, full masks can be breathed through the mouth and nose.

Free breathing makes snorkeling much more comfortable. This is difficult for beginners with traditional masks, because on the one hand the mouthpiece disturbs. On the other hand, when snorkeling with diving goggles and a snorkel, one cannot breathe through the nose. Experience has shown that this is particularly difficult for children.

Field of vision

The spacy design even has another decisive advantage. The large, curved visor provides a nearly 180° wide field of view, which is a significant improvement over normal diving goggles where the field of vision is quite limited.

The lenses of modern full face masks are of high quality and much clearer than those of many diving goggles. Due to the good view and the large field of vision, the underwater worlds can be explored even better with one of the modern snorkel masks. Some snorkelers who have switched from diving goggles and snorkel to a snorkel mask describe the difference as well as the change from standard resolution to HD.

Dry snorkel

One of the biggest problems with snorkeling was long water that could penetrate the tube of the snorkel. The result was that it was washed directly into the mouth without any detours. Cough attacks and a salty taste in the mouth were the result.

The development of dry snorkels put an end to this. But what is a dry snorkel?

The so-called dry snorkels start with exactly this problem. On the one hand they have a splash guard which prevents the penetration of splash water. Furthermore, they are equipped with a float valve that closes the upper end of the snorkel when it is not at the water surface. This prevents water from entering the snorkel.

Most snorkels sold are now dry snorkels. When searching for a snorkel, however, you must always pay attention to this. Full masks, on the other hand, are all equipped with a dry snorkel.

A disadvantage of dry snorkels is that they make diving more difficult. On the one hand, the air trapped in the snorkel disturbs when sinking because it constantly provides buoyancy. On the other hand, snorkelers cannot hold their nose shut and exhale through their nose to balance the pressure. Deep dives are therefore not possible with a snorkel mask.


The good thing about fundamentally reworking an existing product is that you can eliminate the common problems of the original product. Many people complained about the snorkel mask fogging up on classic masks.

Thorough cleaning of the snorkel mask may help, but full face masks solve the problem better.  The full face masks are divided into two sections. The moist breathing air circulates only in the lower part of the mask and therefore does not come into contact with the main visor. In this way the glass does not fog up and you can enjoy the underwater worlds without any problems thanks to a crystal clear view.

From one piece vs. several parts

When it comes to water sports equipment, the motto is: “The less, the better.”

Everyone knows and hates the panic of looking for the missing part a few minutes before departure. Those who rely on snorkels and diving masks have to deal with two individual parts. Quickly one of them gets lost or just can’t be found.

With snorkel masks, snorkel and diving goggles are fused into one piece. The search should be limited (if you know where the mask is). The snorkel can also be folded for transport to make transport easier.

GoPro compatible

Many (full face) snorkel masks have a holder for actioncams, to which a GoPro can be attached. Filming and photographing the underwater landscapes and your encounters with the local wildlife is therefore very easy. The holder can also be removed from most models.


The comparison sounds very one-sided, but in fact full face masks in all aspects of the traditional combination of snorkel and diving goggles are considered. Full face masks make your next snorkeling trip more comfortable, safer and easier to enjoy.

The snorkel masks are a great solution for beginners. Instead of having to deal with two single parts, searching twice as long for the right products, fixing the snorkel to the mask and not laying or losing any of the two single parts, the snorkel mask is just a single part.

The snorkel mask only has to be adjusted to the head size and off you go. The masks offer a completely new wearing comfort and let you dive even better into the fantastic underwater worlds. Even real snorkel experts should try out the new masks and convince themselves of it.

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