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How to attach a Snorkel to a Mask (Step-by-Step Guide)

Snorkeling is a water sport with relatively little equipment. This is especially true in direct comparison with scuba diving. Getting started with snorkelling is much easier and children can also learn to snorkel easily.

Snorkellers are offered breathtaking insights into a rarely seen world. Unique underwater landscapes at the Mediterranean, in Thailand and on the Philippines wait to be discovered. The good thing about snorkeling is that it is a relatively safe activity.

Accidents cannot always be excluded, of course. The proximity to the water surface is always close. If, contrary to expectations, you experience shortness of breath, it is sufficient to lift your head out of the water again. In addition, we recommend every beginner to wear a life jacket or at least to put on a snorkel vest, which offers additional buoyancy and can become real life savers in an emergency.

However, a certain basic knowledge of snorkeling equipment is a prerequisite for the fantastic adventures we are already raving about. This understanding also includes how to attach the snorkel to the mask. This question (“How do you attach the snorkel to the mask?”) has often reached us.

The three most important equipment parts of a snorkeler are the snorkel mask, the snorkel and the snorkel fins. How to attach the snorkel to the mask is therefore very important for the sport.

A badly mounted snorkel is always a disruptive factor that quickly pulls you out of the spell of the underwater world. In addition to a snorkel mask that does not mist up, unhindered breathing is one of the basics for enjoying the beauty of the oceans.

Step-by-Step Guide: Attaching a Snorkel to a Mask

For beginners and inexperienced swimmers, learning the basics of this sport is particularly important. The equipment plays an important role in snorkeling. It is essential to know how to use it properly and how to attach a snorkel to your glasses, for example.

The interesting thing about snorkeling is that a lack of knowledge has a direct effect on the fun. Those who are not well informed will not be able to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the oceans.

The understanding about the snorkel equipment and in particular the snorkel simply belongs to it. Attaching the snorkel to the diving goggles is probably the most important activity. In the following we list step by step how you can do it. The instructions will help you to avoid mistakes during assembly.

Method 1: Sewing the snorkel to the spectacle band

  1. Put on the snorkel mask.
  2. Put the mouthpiece of the snorkel mask in your mouth.
  3. Hold the pipe of the snorkel in this way as it is used under water. (Tip: The snorkel is worn on the left.)
  4. Attach the clip of the snorkel to the headgear of the mask.
  5. Remove the mask and the snorkel.
  6. Grab the needle and thread and sew the clip of the snorkel to the strap of the snorkel mask.
  7. Put on the mask. Finally, back everything up a bit.

If you go snorkelling regularly, you should sew the snorkel to your glasses. The diving goggles cannot be used without the snorkel anymore and it is often not possible to pass the mask on to another snorkeler.

Method 2: Clamp the snorkel under the headgear

  1. Put the mask on. Don’t tighten the strap too much.
  2. Put the snorkel under the ribbon.
  3. Put the mouthpiece of the snorkel mask in your mouth and align the snorkel.
  4. Tighten the headgear of the mask.
  5. Align the snorkel and diving goggles correctly.

This method is best suited for occasional snorkelers. The snorkel is quickly mounted and adaptable to different head shapes. The separate transport of the glasses and the snorkel is quite simple. The snorkel may not fit very well due to your hairstyle. The variant may be less comfortable if the snorkel pushes too hard against the head.

Method 3: Attach the snorkel to the diving goggles with a clip

  1. Put on the snorkel mask.
  2. Attach the snorkel to the mask strap using the holder.
  3. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  4. Align the snorkel and the mask.

Modern snorkels are equipped with a solid holder. Instead of a simple clip, which holds the snorkel only loosely at the strap of the diving goggles, these have a fastening, which does not slip also with longer snorkel trips. If you have a good snorkel, you should definitely try this variant.

Alternatives to attaching the snorkel to the diving goggles

Who decides for one of the presented possibilities to attach a snorkel to the glasses, has certainly no problems with the snorkel on the next trip. A safe sitting snorkel is a basic requirement for a successful snorkeling trip.

But the industry does not stand still either. The sport and the manufacturers have constantly evolved. With new products, manufacturers are pursuing the goal of making the snorkeling experience even better. In the industry, snorkel masks have been a great revolution.

The snorkel masks combine the diving goggles with the snorkel. Owners of a snorkel mask do not have to concern themselves accordingly with the techniques presented here, in order to fasten the snorkel to the eyeglasses. Instead of constantly handling several individual parts, a snorkel mask is an object made of one piece.

The constant readjustment of glasses or snorkel is not necessary. In addition, snorkel masks offer a wider field of vision and allow free breathing. Instead of being supplied with air via the mouthpiece of the snorkel, athletes can breathe freely through mouth and nose with a snorkel mask.

In snorkel masks, the inside of the mask is divided into two parts. The lower part surrounds the nose and mouth and is used for air circulation. Here one breathes out and in. The other area with the large visor does not come into contact with the moist breathing air and therefore does not mist up.

The snorkel of such a full mask is usually equipped with a ball valve. The valve sits at the tip of the snorkel and does not let water in. A blow-out valve ensures that if water gets into the tube of the snorkel, it is flushed out again with a strong exhalation.


A constant supply of air is one of the most important things when snorkeling. For long snorkeling trips, a tight snorkel is just as important as a good view through the visor.

If you don’t have a snorkel mask at your disposal, but instead prefer a separate snorkel and diving goggles, you have to put the two parts together. With our instructions we could hopefully help you further and above all show you different variants, how this can happen. Nothing stands in the way of a successful snorkeling adventure!

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