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7 Best Electric SUP Pumps in 2020

Mann vergleich Doppelhubpumpte mit SUP Elektropumpe und macht einen SUP Elektropumpen Test.

Inflatable SUP boards are very popular with many paddlers. Indeed, the so-called inflatables make up the largest part of all sold boards. The main reasons that speak for the inflatable boards are the uncomplicated transport, the easy storage and the favourable price. Also in terms of riding characteristics Inflatables are getting closer and closer to hardboards and are completely sufficient for beginners as well as advanced paddlers.

The biggest argument for the inflatable boards is at the same time a point of criticism. The packing size of the folded boards is very small, but before every use an Inflatable has to be inflated first. And after the tour the air must be deflated again. Most of the time a simple air pump is already included in the delivery, which can be operated either with hands or feet. Some of them are SUP double stroke pumps.

The air pumps are sufficient to inflate the board, but they are not top models. The effort needed to reach the desired air pressure is not insignificant. If you don’t want to be exhausted before the SUP trip, you should get an electric SUP pump.

In addition to the power savings, the SUP electric pumps are also convincing in that the time required for inflation is significantly shorter. With manually operated pumps, seven to ten (strenuous) minutes must be allowed for inflation. An electric pump for SUP boards rarely needs more than 5 to 10 minutes to fully inflate the board to 15 PSI.

Most models are powered by an accumulator or car battery. The pumps can either be connected directly to a car battery or cigarette lighter, or powered by an external battery. The electric SUP pumps are practical if you have several SUP Boards or inflatable kayaks. It should be noted that some electric pumps need to cool down for a few minutes after use before they can be used again.

The question, however, is which SUP electric pump is the best. In the following we have presented a number of really good models, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, all the pumps on our list of best are solid air pumps that have already proved themselves in practice or in a SUP electric pump test. We have also written a guide in which we go into more detail about what to consider when choosing an electric air pump for SUP boards.

The selection of available pumps is now quite large. For beginners it is not always easy to keep the overview. In the following we therefore present a selection of really good models. These electric pumps for SUPs and kayaks are a good starting point for the search for the right air pump.

At this point we would also like to point out that many products have received negative customer reviews on online marketplaces. However, nobody should be deterred from individual reviews. The situation in Germany is that very few people rate products. If a product sells more than one hundred times, it is quite possible that a faulty product is among them. However, the one unlucky person who received the defective product is much more likely to give a (negative) rating than the other 99 customers who can use the product without complaints. In this way, a pump can quickly have a poor average rating than the quality actually justifies.

The best SUP electric pumps

SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor with Preset PSI Auto Shut Off for Inflating SUP Paddle Boards, Boats, Rafts, Pool Toys, Water Sports 12V DC Car Connection (SLPUMP10) SereneLife Premium Compact Digital
  • PRESET FUNCTION : Intelligent DC electric pump with adjustable PSI air pressure setting showing preset pressure selection. Auto shut off when desired pressure is reached preventing damage to your inflatables, SUP, or pool toys
  • DETACHABLE AIR HOSE : 3.3 feet heavy duty accordion style extension air hose with high pressure valve fitting for reliable high pressure use & 12 Volts DC car vehicle connection.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY : Inflates your SUP stand up paddle board or beach toys from 0-16 PSI in just minutes with simple & easy to use touch button controls & digital LCD display
Swonder 20 PSI Digital Electric Air Pump- Intelligent Dual Stage & Auto-Off Function, Great for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Tent, Kayaks, Water Sports Float Swonder 20 PSI Digital Electric Air
  • INCOMPARABLE POWERFUL AIR PUMP - Swonder Electric Air Pump features intelligent digital controller for dual stage inflation and LCD display, with this powerful air pump you can inflate your water sports equipment easily and enjoy your ocean trip.
  • ADJUSTABLE PSI SETTING - Supported working range 0 - 20 PSI. It will automatically stop when the PSI reach set value. (Note: Please do not continuous operate the pump for over 20 minutes)
  • DUAL USE - Different to most electric air pump compressor, Swonder Electric Air Pump can not only satisfy the needs of inflation for water sports, but also can meet the needs of deflation for storage.
OutdoorMaster Shark High Pressure SUP Pump - Electric Air Pump with 20 PSI Active Cooling System Dual Stage Inflation & Auto-Off for Inflatable Paddle Board, Boats, Water Sports Inflatables -2nd Gen OutdoorMaster Shark High Pressure
  • ACTIVE COOLING SYSTEM - The one and only SUP electric air pump with active cooling system up to 20PSI FOR 3 BOARDS IN A ROW - Enjoy a sleekly designed paddle board pump with fast, high pressure inflation and consistent cooling system - Made to Share!
  • FAST & POWERFUL DUAL STAGE & AUTO OFF FOR EASY INFLATION - Automatic dual stage pump: 1st stage for MAXIMUM SPEED at 350L/min and 2nd stage for MAXIMUM PRESSURE at 70L/min. The AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating. When packing up the deflation function will MAKE DEFLATING QUICK & EASY.
  • 12V DC CAR CONNECTOR & FULL SET NOZZLES ATTACHMENTS - Connects to your car's 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety. Comes with full set of nozzles to fit most high pressure inflatables including C7 & H3 valve.
Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor - 110W 12 Volt Quick Air Inflator / Deflator w/ LCD, 0-20 PSI - For Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board / Boat, Water Sports Inflatables - SereneLife SLPUMP30 Digital Electric Air Pump
  • INSERT AND PUMP: This Electric Air Pump Compressor / Air Inflator and Air Deflator features a hassle-free ‘insert and pump’ operation. Quick and easily inflate and deflate your SUP (stand up paddleboard) and water sports pool inflatables in no time
  • SIMPLE PLUG-IN DESIGN: Has a simple electric plug-in design with an integrated, heavy duty wired power cable. Can be powered by DC 12 volt or via car power outlet with the cigarette accessory jack
  • HASSLE FREE OPERATION: The 110-watt air pump is equipped with a digital LCD display and button controls for easy operation. Great for outdoor use, water sports, and camping trip and is ideal for inflatable SUP, boat, pool inflatables and more
Tuomico Max 20PSI High Pressure SUP Pump 12V DC Intelligent Dual Stage Auto-Off Function Stand-up Board Pump with Cigarette Lighters and Hose for SUP Paddle and Inflatable Tent Kayaks Tuomico Max 20PSI High Pressure SUP
  • 【20PSI ADJUSTABLE SMART ELECTRIC SUP AIR PUMP】Programmed intelligent digital controller for dual stage inflation and LCD display. built in a smart monitoring feature, pump temperature sensor and time counter included, auto stop protection feature built-in. built-in sand filter for air intake & pump cooling system.built-in outtake chamber for noise reduce and better efficiency. one-way diaphragm valve to protect the inflator and maximize the speed.
  • 【LCD REAL PRESSURE DISPLAY】 Electric pump sup support real-time pressure monitoring with the integrated LCD digital display, you can set the target pressure and monitor the pressure in real-time. supported working range 0.5 - 20 psi (20 psi = 1.378 bar =138 kPa);accurateness 0.01 psi. auto stop once selected pressure reached. high efficient dual air inflators controlled by digital pressure controller module
  • 【AUTOMATIC TWO-STAGE PUMP】Inflatable boat the first stage has a maximum speed of 350 l / min and the second stage a maximum pressure of 70 l / min. different Inflatable speed designed for inflatable boat, sup and paddle board, pool and more. about 10 minutes to inflate a 12ft sup or a 9ft inflatable boat (3.5 psi) with air mat floor (12 psi) fast and easy
Seamax SUP Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Paddle Board, Max 20 PSI, Additional Fittings Included, Pro Edition Built in Temperature Sensor and Voltage Meter Seamax SUP Electric Air Pump for
  • This intelligent DC electric air pump with a Digital pressure LCD screen is the best pump for inflatable tent, SUP, and paddle board etc. Easy to Reach High Pressure, Engineered in Canada. Max pressure can reach 20 PSI (1.378 Bar /138 Kilo-Pascal) in about 15 minutes for an inflatable paddle board. This new single stage high efficient handy air pump is with our latest standard to build.
  • Connect the end with Flexible conduit adaptor to the Nylon air hose (High Temperature Qualified) with the pump inflation outlet and twist clockwise to tighten it. Install the supported valve adaptor to the other end of the hose, and twist clockwise to tighten it. Then connect this air hose to the chamber and ready to go.
  • After connecting with the power, the pump will be turned on, LCD screen is showing the reading pressure. Press the Pressure Unit button to select the pressure unit PSI or Bar. Use the Pressure Increase button (+) or Pressure Decrease button (-) to set your needed pressure. The range of pressure value is from 0.5 to 20PSI, (1PSI=0.0689BAR). Increasement is 0.5 PSI. After finishing the above steps, press the power On/Off button to start the pump.
Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor - 110W 12 Volt Quick Air Inflator w/LCD, 0-16 Adjustable PSI - For Water Sport Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board - SereneLife SLPUMP20 Digital Electric Air Pump
  • INSERT AND PUMP: This Electric Air Pump Compressor / Air Inflator features a hassle-free ‘insert and pump’ operation. Quick and easily inflate your SUP (stand up paddleboard)
  • SIMPLE PLUG-IN DESIGN: Has a simple electric plug-in design with an integrated, heavy duty wired power cable. Can be powered by DC 12 volt or via car power outlet with the cigarette accessory jack
  • HASSLE FREE OPERATION: The 110-watt air pump is equipped with a digital LCD display and button controls for easy operation. Great for outdoor use, water sports, and camping trip and is ideal for inflatable SUP, boat, pool inflatables and more

Advice: Buy the right electric SUP pump

The choice of the right electric pump depends on your SUP board and other factors. The air pumps have different characteristics and are not all compatible. So let’s take a closer look at the details that need to be considered.


Let us start directly with the most important topic. Of course, compatibility plays a major role. Inflatable SUP boards are usually equipped with an HR valve. This valve is also called Halkey-Roberts valve, H3, HR or H-valve. Only a few boards rely on other systems.

It is best to check what kind of valve your SUP has before you buy. The HR-valve is the typical rotary valve, which is also used by the Fit Ocean Magic Glide. If you choose a board of a common brand, you will usually have exactly this valve. Some electric SUP pumps, however, come with a variety of adapters, making them compatible with even more SUP boards and other inflatable water sports equipment.

For paddlers with several inflatable kayaks and SUP boards, it is practical for the electric pump to be compatible with as much sports equipment as possible. With a bit of luck, all of them will have an HR valve. Otherwise, a valve equipped with several adapters should be chosen. However, it is also not a bad idea to take a hand-operated air pump with you to the lake as a backup solution.

Weight and transport

The biggest advantage of inflatable SUP boards is the extremely easy transport. While fixed SUP boards made of materials such as epoxy always require a large car with roof racks, a large SUP backpack is completely sufficient for an inflatable.

Of course you don’t want to be restricted by an electric pump. The thing is that the electric powered SUP pumps need a source of energy. There are several possibilities. Either the pumps are connected to the car battery, the cigarette lighter of a car or to an external 12-volt battery.

The latter can be taken as far as the lake, while with the other types of electric pumps the SUP is pumped up in the parking lot. In this case of course the longer way to the water has to be considered. If the distance is too long, you can buy a SUP trolley. If the inflated SUP has to be carried over many meters, this act can also be made easier by a simple SUP carrying strap.

The electric air pump should be of a quite handy size so that the pump can easily be stowed in the trunk of your car. In addition, the model should not weigh too much so as not to make transport even more difficult. Most air pumps, however, only weigh one to one and a half kilograms. Some models also come with a carrying bag, which makes transport even easier.

By the way, the risk that the car battery runs out while the SUP is being pumped up is quite low. The air pumps do not use that much electricity. Nevertheless, it is recommended to let the engine run while inflating. This way, after using the electric pump, the car battery is guaranteed to be sufficiently charged to start the engine.


There are some differences between the pumps, which influence the efficiency but also the price. There are single-stage and two-stage air pumps. Single-stage models have a constant air flow. This solution is slightly less efficient because the resistance is quite high when the air is pumped directly from one end to the other.

There are also two-stage models that work slightly differently. These pumps suck in a lot of air at one end. Inside the air pump, the air is compressed, so the air can be pumped faster into the board. This makes the pumping up faster. The more complex construction makes this kind of electric pumps for SUP boards a bit more expensive.

The speed at which the air pump can work is of course an important criterion according to which electric pumps are often selected. After all, you don’t want to wait forever until you finally get on the water. However, it should also be noted that more powerful pumps also cause more noise.

In addition, some air pumps can not only pump air into the board, but can also be used to pump it out. Most models are also equipped with a pressure gauge that shows the pressure. Almost every air pump available on the market also has an automatic shut-off that stops the pumping at a pre-set pressure level.


We have already mentioned that there are models of different strengths. The two-stage air pumps usually have a higher performance. The vast majority of electric pumps can pump up to a maximum air pressure of 10 to 15 PSI (about one bar). Especially powerful models can even reach up to 20 PSI.

Check the recommended air pressure for your SUP board or the equipment you want to pump. In the case of inflatable SUP boards, a value of 15 PSI is usually recommended. A function for automatic shutdown is especially practical, as you can easily set the desired pressure in advance and it is not necessary to constantly look at the pressure display.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about electric SUP pumps answered

How long does it take to inflate a SUP board with such a pump?

Two things are particularly important in this question. Both the power of the air pump and the volume of the SUP play a role. Usually, the inflation takes about 10 minutes. Single stage models usually take about one minute per PSI. Two-stage electric pumps are a little faster.

The electric pumps are therefore twice to one and a half times faster than conventional (single-stroke) pumps and about the same with double-stroke pumps. Especially for the last PSI, however, you have to invest a lot of power in manually operated pumps. The effort is of course saved with automatic air pumps.

To what pressure are SUP boards pumped up?

You can find this information either in the manual, on the packaging of the board or on the official website of the manufacturer. It is usually given in PSI and for most boards the optimum value is somewhere between 12 and 15 PSI, where a pressure of 15 PSI is about one bar.

In addition to the recommended air pressure, most manufacturers also give a value for the maximum pressure the board can withstand. In practice, however, this number is not important. It is merely a quality feature to show that the cover used is particularly tear-resistant.

What are the advantages of an electric air pump for SUP boards?

An electric pump saves time and energy. Most of the inflatable Stand Up Paddling Boards come with a hand operated air pump. Even if it is a double stroke pump, these are often not of very high quality.

To inflate the board you need a lot of power, which is missing when paddling. In addition, inflating is a question of time. For tours with several boards a lot of time is needed to inflate the paddle, especially if there is only one pump. An electric pump can easily be attached to a battery or car battery and then inflates the SUP all by itself.

At the last PSI the resistance becomes very high, so towards the end it is very difficult to push down the piston of the pump a few more times. On the other hand, if you use an electric pump, you won’t have to deal with these problems.

Can an electric pump also be used to release the air from the SUP?

Yes, some models have such a function. We are also a fan of this feature. The release of air from the SUP can be accelerated in this way and it is no longer necessary to tediously roll over the half-empty board after the strenuous paddle tour to force the last air cushions through the valve.


An electric SUP pump is one of the parts of the equipment that you don’t necessarily need, but that proves to be very helpful. The quite small and light electric pumps have a lot of power and pump up the board faster than it would be possible with the cheap air pumps that come with the board.

This way you have more time to have fun on the water. And of course you don’t have to do that annoying pumping up, which is also quite annoying. You also have much more power to paddle and can therefore plan longer tours and explore even more.

You won’t go wrong with the SUP electric pumps from our best list. They save time and energy, so you can have even more fun paddling.

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